Book Contents

What do I do???


This workbook provides a step by step navigation of how to move out of your family home into your new living enviornment.

What about my stuff?

NowSizing...Making Room for Life! wgives ideas & suggestions for managing what is important to you.

NowSizing...Making Room for Life! gives ideas & suggestions on managing 

tems most important to you.

How do I move?


The NowSizing workbook provides lists of boxes needed, companies to contact and room inventory lists.



Timelines help organize and reduce stress of the actual moving process.

Moving Day


Knowing what to expect on the day of the move will help with settleing into 

your new home.

Tools of the Trade


Ideas for moving boxes, furniture 

and photos with ease.


The Book

NowSizing... Making Room for Life! Book


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A navigation workbook designed specifically for the senior wanting to make a transition into a more NowSized living enviornment.